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Seeking a guest conductor for your honors choir, a career music educator for your professional development conference, a guest lecturer for your conducting class, or an experienced adjudicator/clinician/coach for your assessment/festival/touring choir?  I would be honored to serve in any of those roles.


I specialize in:

  • offering challenging, educational, and enjoyable repertoire for All-State, All-Region, All-District, All-County, and All-City honors choirs, 

  • providing informative professional development sessions  on a variety of choral music-related topics, including my upcoming workshop series:The Refreshed Conductor  and The Expressive Conductor.

  • presenting lecture demonstrations on the elements of expressive, artistic choral conducting, and

  • leading choral clinics designed to help you take your choir to the next level in artistic, expressive performance.

Drop me an email or give me a call and let's talk about how I might be able to help.

Quote of the month (February 2024):

"I love how music can instantly bring a smile to my face, or tears to my eyes, or dancing to my feet, or calm to my soul, or life to my voice, or relaxation to my body, or memories to my mind, or friends to my life, or hope to my future. I love music. There's just nothing like it."

- Vaughan Fleischfresser

  • "Don Krudop is on a very short list of conductors who can see into my heart as a composer."  - Daniel E. Gawthrop

  • "Your choir is one of the finest I've ever worked with." - Rodney Eichenberger

  • "I wish all of you could come up here and see the magic that happens between this man and this choir." - Doreen Rao

  • "Best of all was the guest ensemble, Vox Harmonia, a student chamber choir from the Visual and Performing Arts Academy at Salem High School, Virginia Beach. Holding hands, leaning their bodies forward, and riveting wide-eyed attention on conductor Don Krudop, they sang with a rapt concentration and ravishing sound that took the breath away."  Joseph Bano, The Washington Post

John Saw Duh Numbuh - Traditional, Arr. Parker/ShawVox Harmonia
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